Meet the Team

John CochranJohn Cochran, President
John Cochran is an experienced CEO and corporate director who is well familiar with the issues and challenges facing companies today. His decades of business management experience encompass numerous business sectors, including food service, manufacturing, and healthcare, and his leadership skills have been tested in domestic and international settings both in productivity and merger situations. Active in the community, John has also lent his leadership and team-building skills to his church and to youth athletic programs.


Robin CochranRobin Cochran, VP of Operations
Robin Cochran has more than 10 years’ experience as a human relations administrator and understands first-hand the importance of training and development programs for the long-term success and viability of organizations. Well-versed in applied development programs, she is a promoter of modeling and communicating mutual respect, trust, and continuous improvement in human resource processes. Robin’s experience includes program management, budget administration and event coordination for several companies in the Northwest.


Kris AxellKris Axell, VP of Business Development
Kris Axell has over three decades of experience in sales leadership, marketing, and consulting. He has worked with clients to improve business results across a variety of industries including technology, business services, healthcare, energy, financial services, and consumer packaged goods. Prior to joining Executive Forum, Kris was a Partner with Performance Methods, Inc., helping clients become more strategic with their most important customers. He brings to Executive Forum extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies, helping organizations build skills, transform behavior, and grow their strategic customer relationships. Kris holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington. He lives in the Seattle area and finds time to enjoy cycling and skiing, depending on the season.


Bret FarrerBret Farrer, Leadership Ambassador
Bret Farrer brings to Executive Forum more than ten years of experience in developing and maintaining long-term B2B relationships. A skilled communicator and adept listener, he is able to connect and communicate freely with people from any type of background in any type of environment. Bret earned his BS management degree at Utah Valley University, but attributes much of his expertise to “in the trenches” experience gained from working with a wide variety of businesses in diverse industries and by gleaning valuable insights from knowledgeable mentors. He enjoys opportunities for personal growth and development and is always seeking recommendations for leadership books to queue up on Audible.