Time to Ditch the Employee Engagement Survey?

Survey Graphic

As we near the mid-way point for the year, many organizations are conducting employee engagement surveys to address satisfaction, productivity, and retention issues. Ironically, the employee engagement survey experience is typically less than engaging. Employees receive an email from Human Resources asking them to answer 10-15 minutes worth of questions that inquire about everything from workload to leadership’s vision. And in the end, most employees feel like the survey was a waste of time. It’s not that the employees lack opinions, they just lack trust that their responses will drive change. 

70% of Employees Are Not Engaged – Three Steps to Cut That Number

70% of US workers are not engaged — they have essentially “checked out,” meaning they care little, if at all, about their job and company. And that attitude has dire consequences. Manager disengagement hovers around 51% and can significantly impact profitability and productivity. Gallup reports these ‘not engaged’ leaders cost the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually because their attitudes cascade throughout the organization.