Leadership Foundations

PDA_Icon_imageNew! Self-directed learning with peer engagement.

“The relevance of the material is the best. We can apply it immediately.”– Yvonne Otero, Manager of Research, Schneider National

“This is not your run-of-the-mill leadership program. The insights, lessons, and take aways are invaluable for any leader.” – Jennifer Mongold, Director of HR, Rockingham County Virginia

Leadership Foundations is a 12-week online program with content delivered by industry-leading executives. The curriculum provides best practices in leadership, organizational development and change management, negotiation and collaboration, effective business communication, and how to deliver increased value through empowerment and engagement. The course includes independent online study combined with cohort sessions where participants can share ideas and learning with others.

Photo of woman using laptopLeadership Foundations delivers specific insights directed at increasing the effectiveness of new leaders and frontline supervisors. The format is affordable, scalable, and non-disruptive to busy schedules.

Course 1: Leadership Mindset & Positive Engagement
This course provides insights from members of the program’s National Leadership Board on the ways leaders shift their mindset from being excellent individual contributors to becoming highly effective leaders. The course also focuses on increasing  empowerment and engagement to achieve individual, team and enterprise success. The second half of this course demonstrates how leaders enable “positively deviant” performance and engender positive culture and communication.
Course 2: Leading Effective Change
The emphasis of this course is to prepare participants to engage in change initiated by others and to
drive effective change as an active change agent. This course illustrates three facets of organizational
change, including planning, executing and sustaining successful change. A balance of theoretical and
pragmatic insights allows participants to understand the strategic, financial or market-based reasons
for change and drive toward breakthrough results.
Course 3: Communication and Collaboration
Participants learn and practice the skills needed to improve the quality of interpersonal
communication in a variety of contexts. Participants will learn how to effectively speak the language
of business and convey information across diverse stakeholder groups, as well as break down silos
between business divisions to drive better decision making. Each participant will understand
effective communication as it relates to leading others, managing conflict, providing and receiving
feedback, and negotiating with the Mutual Gains Approach.
Course 4: Leading High Performance Teams
This closing course focuses on measures, metrics, and practices used across the enterprise to achieve
high performance. Participants learn that business results – values and benefits – may differ from
one company to the next and even from department to department within a single company, but
the consistent variable is It’s All About People.

The online Leadership Foundations program is made possible through our partnership with the Professional Development Academy. It is offered four times a year, in January, April, August and
September. Cohorts are held on a fixed schedule. Cost is $1,995 per person. Contact us—we can help
identify your organization’s development needs and address blended options for meeting them.