Writing Your Way To a Promotion

When you’re on the management track or trying to work your way up the leadership ladder, you must be keenly aware of how you present yourself. You may stay at the office later than others, stand a little straighter, network more often, and dress more professionally. But many people forget one crucial soft skill that creates an unforgettable impression. The way you write creates a memorable image in the reader’s mind. Be sure the image you create is one of a thoughtful, competent, and professional communicator. Knowing the difference between there, their, and they’re is a great start, but there’s … Read More

More than Words: Presenting Skills for Leaders

There’s no greater opportunity to influence others around you than when you have the opportunity to make a presentation. Whether in a small boardroom or in an auditorium filled with hundreds of employees, a presentation can leave attendees energized and motivated or confused and disengaged. We often spend too much time perfecting the words we will say in the presentation and not enough attention to the nonverbal attributes that speak volumes. Put the audience first Don’t craft your message the way you want to hear it. Customize the content to your audience’s needs, experience level, and interest. Making a pitch … Read More

Strengths Aren’t Enough

You know what’s fun? Telling someone they’re amazing. They love the feedback and welcome it with open arms. The more positive the feedback, the more they want to hear. And you’re happy to oblige because their wide eyes, big smile, and nodding head encourage you to share more examples of the ways they are amazing. You know what’s not fun? Giving negative, or even constructive, feedback. It doesn’t feel good to hear that you are performing below average (or even average) compared to expectations. And if it doesn’t feel good to hear that feedback then it definitely doesn’t feel good … Read More

5 Things You Should Do at Every Conference

Conferences provide wonderful opportunities for learning, refreshing, and networking. They can also be overwhelming if you don’t plan strategically. As you prepare to attend a conference, think differently about how you use your time.

The One Thing You Should Do Every Day

Today, Harvard Business Review posted an article on the 3 Things Managers Should Do Every Day. The article mentions how overwhelmed new managers are to the key responsibilities of their jobs and often feel like they can’t do it all. They find themselves putting out fires and problem solving so often that they don’t have time to take more strategic and proactive approaches to their team.

The Golden Rules of Tough Feedback

Feedback comes in many forms: solicited, unsolicited, positive, negative, constructive, etc. Whether you’re in the C-suite or just starting your career, feedback is a crucial component to your development and career success. But we often fail to effectively solicit, deliver, and receive feedback. Here are 6 golden rules for handling tough feedback: