Knowledge Transfer Challenges for Virtual Teams and Independent Leaders

The importance of Knowledge Transfer is well-recognized across organizations. From on-boarding to promotions, succession planning and expansion, the success of every employee depends largely on the accessibility of critical knowledge and historical context. Well-documented systems can share what is done and how, but understanding why requires effective on-going communication between team members. Most organizations struggle to implement knowledge transfer systems, but they’re especially difficult to execute with two key groups: virtual teams and controlling managers. Before we dive into the specific challenges for those two groups, it’s important to understand the foundation of any knowledge transfer strategy. For knowledge transfer … Read More

Five Qualities More Important than a Degree

If you Google the phrase “a Bachelor’s Degree is…” the first two autocomplete options are “…is worthless” and “…is not enough.” While these two choices seem mutually exclusive, the truth is they’re not. And they’re both accurate. I worked my way through grad school as a recruiter and experienced first hand how often hiring managers overemphasize the need for a Bachelor’s Degree. More often than not, there were no work tasks that required any higher education whatsoever, let alone completion of the degree. When I pushed back on the requirement, what I often heard was that managers were looking for … Read More

Knowledge Transfer Lessons: The Value of the Struggle

It may seem like a cliché to say that employees are the most valuable asset in any organization, but if your organization has felt the pain of losing a MVP who failed to transfer their knowledge before leaving, then the cliché rings true. The need to develop a knowledge transfer strategy is not new, yet only a small percentage of CEOs report their organization has implemented an effective knowledge transfer program. And while the “war for talent” certainly is a cliché, the reality is that recruiters and headhunters are targeting your top talent heavily right now and they’re one phone … Read More

Business Conversations: Three Things a Leader Should Never Say

There are times in business when we find ourselves carefully crafting every single word we string together, whether it is in a company-wide email about possible layoffs, a sales proposal/contract, or a press release. When we’re more relaxed, we speak effortlessly and forget most of what we say within minutes. But we often underestimate the impact casual, common phrases have in the workplace. Words matter. The way they’re said matters. But the way they’re interpreted matters the most. Here are three common phrases that every leader should avoid:

Five Things You Don’t Need to Lead

It may seem as though the summer has just begun, but in a few short weeks, the summer section at Target will be replaced with crayons, backpacks, and #2 pencils as kids prepare to head back to school. My own daughter will be heading to Kindergarten this fall, which means we’re pouring over Kindergarten Readiness checklists and school supply shopping lists to make sure she’s ready for her first day. As I looked over the remaining skills she needs to acquire before school starts, I started envisioning what a Leadership Readiness list would look like. Much like school supply shopping … Read More

Collaboration and Leadership: It Takes a Village

There’s a unique bond that happens between business travelers when flights are delayed. We all grab our laptops and try to make the most of our time on the ground/tarmac in a desperate effort to preserve the delicate work-life balance we’ve constructed. We make apologetic calls home to the spouses who desperately need a break, and we begin rapidly assessing the potential impact of future delays. On this particular severely delayed trip, I was huddled around the one accessible power source with a senior design leader for a tech company. I was struggling to concentrate because every few seconds an … Read More